The marketing of Huplaso product began in 2017, but the use of basalt began long before. In 1968, business began for the Losier family with a road construction company. By having a solid organizational structure and expertise in the field of crushing, the company decided to seize the opportunity presented to her and market basalt dust in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry fields. With the well-being of people at heart and the desire to contribute to sustainable agriculture, we added new objectives and a new vision to the company.


Huplaso comes from a basalt quarry with distinctive properties, as our career is unique, Huplaso is incomparable. It is mainly a mineralizer, a liming product and an amendment for soils with a high level of paramagnetism bringing several advantages in agriculture. Huplaso mainly meets the needs of organic farming in an ecoresponsable environment. Our production line does not use any chemicals to provide a 100% natural mineralizer.


Corporate video summary

Watch our corporate video in order to learn more about us! Meet our team, see where the product is extracted and find out how the product reaches its final shape.


Contribute to subsistence of human societies by restoring the union between soils, plants and humanity in an ecoresponsable environment. Offer people a mineralization product to feed the soil, which will supply the plants and, in turn, humanity.


Huplaso’s vision is that, in the near future, our organic farming solution thrives to the detriment of conventionnal agriculture. In this way, we will offer our children sustainable agriculture solutions that will provide them a healthy diet and a planet in perfect symbiosis with its different elements


Innovation: Be in constant evolution and able to meet the needs of the population in terms of natural mineralization products.

Innovation: Être en constante évolution et capable de répondre aux besoins de la population en matière de produits naturels de minéralisation.

Quality: Create products that our customers will be satisfied with, which we will be proud of and will meet the needs of organic agriculture, in order to provide the population with more nutritious and healthier foods.

Respect: Show respect for our customers, employees and, above all, the environment.

Integrity: Demonstrate honesty and transparency towards the various actors of the population.

Team spirit: Achieve our goals all together and have fun working with our different associates.