The natural mineralizer Huplaso is a volcanic rock dust of the ultramafic basalt-type dating from the Middle Ordovician time (460-466 ma). It comes from a quarry in New Brunswick Canada having had a volcanic deposit with distinctive properties, which makes the product very rare, if not unique. It can be used for landscaping and organic farming.

This mineralizer, which is also a liming product, comes from a magma that cooled rapidly, which has made it possible to retain a large number of mineral elements. It guaranteed the addition of at least 57 nutrients (macro, micro and trace elements) to your soil. It is thanks to these that there are so many advantages using this product for agriculture.

In addition to providing a large number of nutrients to your soil and your crops, Huplaso improves the yield by over 35%, balances the pH and increases the level of paramagnetism in your soil. It also repels insects that can be harmful to your plantations while respecting nature and its environment. These are just some of the many benefits of using our volcanic rock dust.

Our production line does not use any chemicals in the manufacture of this product. We respect the distinctive qualities of our initial product by keeping it without additions. Huplaso has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and Pro-Cert and thus appears as a product approved for use in organic agriculture according to the organic standards of Canada and the United-States.  It has also been approved by Ecocert according to Canadian organic standards.



Huplaso is a 100% natural product certified for organic use.


Our product respects nature and we respect the beauty of our original product by not making any additions.



Huplaso is non-toxic to animals, childrens and the earth


Huplaso increases the yield by more than 35% and makes fruits and vegetables bigger and tastier. It is possible to be efficient and natural



Huplaso can be used in several places. It is a product for lawn, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs and others.