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Marion Tétégan Simon
Coastal Zone Research Institute

Mrs. Marion Tétégan Simon, Dr. in Soil Science, is the Scientific Director of the Peat and Soil Component at the Coastal Zone Research Institute Inc. Working in collaboration with Mrs. Tétégan Simon, we were able to quantify Huplaso's positives effects in harvests. We studied its effects on radishes, tomatoes and potatoes.

Greenhouse tomato experiments

Huplaso effect on tomato plant
For the greenhouse experiment, Huplaso was compared to a witness and in terms of performance analysis, was compared to four other competing products. For each substrate created, growth monitoring of the tomato plant was carried out in a greenhouse.
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Experimentation on the potato

Huplaso effect on potato yield
The experiment was conducted on a commercial potato field where 40 seed potatoes were harvested for each of the treatments to measure and compare the yield.
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Greenhouse experiment on radish

Huplaso effect on radish plant
Greenhouse radish experiments were conducted to test Huplaso's agricultural potential as an amendment. During the plants’ growth several parameters were observed on a weekly basis: the height of the plants, the number of leaves, their rate of chlorophyll, their diameter as well as the weight and the quotation at the harvest.
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