Kenneth Robichaud of Gourmet Chef Packers is an organic strawberry farmer working in the Shediac region of New Brunswick. He has been using basalt dust on his fields for several years. He presents to you his observations and the improvements that the huplaso product has made to his soil, his plants and his harvest.

Hubert Noël and his wife Glenda have owned the Camerise Cowan-Noël farm since they started harvesting in 2013. They tested Huplaso volcanic rock dust on their second field, which allowed them to notice differences with and without the product. They show you the perceived differences and the benefits of using Huplaso.

ALDÉODA LOSIER – Provincial Giant Pumpkin Festival I have been using the Huplaso product for competitions since 2016, which allows me to have pumpkins over 1000 pounds. Since 2017, I have gained two 2nd positions. I also managed, despite the drought, to take first place this year with a 1058 pound pumpkin. Despite being smaller than my competition, my pumpkin was 20% heavier. I believe part of my victory is due to Huplaso and the other natural products I use. My pumpkin contains more nutrients than those of my competitors which use chemicals. When compared to others, it is heavier, fuller and contains no cracks. One thing is certain, I will continue to use Huplaso. It is one of my powerful weapons for victory.