I decided to reseed my lawn in May after years of trying to reclaim it. I raked my lawk and added topsoil. I added the Huplaso product to the areas that were most difficult to maintain in the past and then hydroseed.

Within 3 weeks I had a fully ready-to-mow lawn, which I had never had on this property before. My only regret is that I didn’t use it on all parts of my lawn.

I will continue to use Huplaso and recommend its use for sure. I am really impressed with the effects of this product!


Our company is certified in ecological maintenance and landscaping of green spaces in Quebec and Ontario and one of our priorities is the environment.

After researching for a product that would allow us to improve our results on our customers lawns, we decided to give Huplaso a try.

Despite the weather conditions (cold/rainy/heatwave), we noticed a difference in the density of the lawn. We also noticed that it was greener and that it kept its greenery longer during heat waves. In addition, we have observed a reduction in the infestation of certain insect pests.

I have nothing but positive to say about the result obtained with Huplaso. The only downside: learning to handle the powder product well. Next year we will be using the granular product.